Bring Out Your Stylish Flare With Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass doors are versatile replacement doors. You can use them throughout your modern house-wardrobe, linen closet, kitchen pantry, bathroom, bedroom and laundry room.

A frosted glass is a perfect addition in your contemporary home decor and particularly right for use in the interior. It allows light through the enclosed area without compromising your privacy.

It can be used in different door styles, such as sliding, bifold, bypass and French. You can choose to have your door completely frosted, use tempered glass or request the glass to be frosted to create an attractive design in your door. Online retailers, like and, offer many features, material, color and finish options. Compare prices to get the best deal.

Doors with Frosted Glass:

This door from Solid Wood Closets Inc. is a perfect addition to your closet organizer design. It is built from 100 percent wood and comes with quality door handles. The door is furniture quality finish and can match any closet organizer. Available dimensions are 12 and 1/2 inches by 36 inches by 3/4 inch. Color options are mahogany, maple spice and maple.

Bath Authority DreamLine Visions Frosted Glass Tub Door:

This Collection of sliding shower door and frameless hinged door provide elegance, style and flawless function. All DreamLine doors are built of tempered glass, framed with various finish options and made attractive by anodized aluminum profiles. They have integrated rollers for smooth, easy and quiet operation. Available height for shower installation is 72 inches and 58 inches for tub installation.

Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Door-Chrome:

This door is built from premium, tempered glass in 3/8-inhc thickness. It features chrome finished hardware for durability, reversible right-sided or left-sided installation, rust free finish and watertight seals to prevent leakage. The available dimensions are 48 inches by 74 inches and 60 inches by 74 inches.

Contemporary 4 Panel Clear Pine Interior Doors with Frosted Glass:

This door has clear pine glazed with panels of glass. Available sizes are 78 inches by 30 inches, 78 inches by 34 inches, 78 inches by 27, 78 inches by 33 inches, 80 inches by 32 inches, 80.5 inches by 28.5 inches and 80.5 inches by 32.5 inches.

Foaporte’s Tekno Sliding Glass Doors:

This laminated door with frosted glass is both fabulous and functional. It features poles in glazed stainless steel which are attached to external rubbers. The glass construction of this door allows light to get through to brighten the area it encloses. It has sandblasted patterns which make the door an ideal replacement for its practicality and beauty. You have the option to choose between two-sided mirror or laminated colored glass. Available door styles are single and double sliding door.

Modern Closet Doors – Helping Bring Your Room Up to Date

The many styles of modern closet doors make them ideal for use not just in your bedroom but in almost all areas in your house, from pantry to laundry. You can also apply various design ideas on closet doors as they come in various finishes, colors and materials or unfinished.

Another great thing about a modern closet door is it is very flexible to update. You can add bamboo blinds or grass mats on sliding or cover folding doors with wallpaper or aluminum flashing. The design possibilities for modern closet doors are limitless. Here are for your perusal.

Sliding Glass Door from Foaporte:

Foaporte offers this Tekno sliding glass door that will really add authentic designer elements to your home. The company’s uniquely laminated frosted glass door is fabulous and functional. It is attached to external rubbers and glides along poles that are glazed stainless steel. Your visitors will surely find this stylish and contemporary-looking door interesting. The practical side of this is that its glass construction permits light to pass through, keeping your house bright and warm. Decoration options include attractive sandblasted patterns or a two-sided mirror or laminated colored glass if you want to ensure your privacy. You can also opt for single or double sliding door model.

Mirror Closet Doors by Sliding Co.:

Enhance the look of your sliding closet door by adding mirrors. The design fits any room style and can give it elegance and uniqueness. You have the option to combine mirrors and frosted glass in your door or you can choose mirrors alone. It is specially coated on the back to prevent mirror panels from shattering in case of breakage. High-quality aluminum frames are which come in silver walnut, wedge or maple finishes.

Boyd Louver Folding Door:

This door features two-glider roller system to allow you easy opening and closing of your closet, a key-lock system for more privacy and plastic frame material. This door is constructed with heavy-duty PVC. Its dimensions include 0.75 inches in length, 80.0 inches and 80.0 inches in height. It retails from $169.99 to $219.99.

Nanawall Accordion Doors:

This door is designed for big glass openings and to meet different architectural specifications. This custom-built model has frame options of wood, aluminum or clad in more than two hundred colors. The Nanawall door has been tested to meet industry standards for water penetration, air infiltration, forced entry and thermal and structural performance. Available options are floor mounted and top supported systems.

Pinecroft 735 Series 32 In. x 80-1/2 In. Prefinished White Optique Bifold Door:

This pine croft bifold door with decorative glass allows light into your bedroom and helps any room exude comfort and elegance. Not just use to cover a wardrobe, it’s also an ideal replacement for foyer, entryway or living room door. This door is very easy to install and comes with track and hardware. It uses a safety glass for glass design. Meanwhile, the mirror door version has a film on the rear to prevent breakage. This door is prefinished white and can be installed in opening heights of between 80 inches and 81 inches.

Spiff Up Your Room With Mirrored Closet Doors

If you are planning to update your bedroom, or any areas of your house such as pantry or laundry, mirrored closet doors should be on the top of your design ideas. When buying a mirrored door, make sure that you have a background on the different types of door available on the market and should consider what type would best compliment your room decor.

Safety and maintenance may be the factors that should be your prime consideration when buying a mirrored door. Make sure that you get the tempered material which is resistant to cracking or breaking. Prices for mirrored closet doors vary depending on the type of mirrors and hardware used. Here are some offered by some online retailers.

Series 4900 Frameless Bi-Fold Mirror Door System:

This frameless bifold door system creates an uninterrupted mirror reflection and can double as a full-length mirror, giving you a full-length view when dressing up. The hardware is concealed creating a dramatic mirror look and casting shimmering reflections every time you open or close the door. You have the option to choose beveled edges for a more elegant look. This door takes advantage of the FINELINE system of Arcadia Industries, setting it apart from other mirrored closet doors available on the market today. The hardware is constructed to accommodate and carry the weight of mirrored panels, eliminating any binding or racking to give you a smooth and fluid door movement.

Series 4100 Aluminum, Swing Mirror Door System:

This swing mirror door is a good replacement for traditional wood doors. You can use this door in almost all closets in your home, from wardrobe to linen. It visually expands the dimensions of your room and can double as a full-length mirror for dressing. This door is available in standard size which means that it can fit on non-standard openings because of its overlay feature, thus requiring no precise fit. Installing this door would give you labor and material savings because there is no door stop or casing needed. The installation could be done by one person only. The door could accommodate an opening width of 36 inches and is gold finished. Other features include pivots and nylon bushings, strike plate and magnetic catch.

Kestrel Mirror Closet Doors:

Just like other Kestrel mirrored doors, this door also incorporates LEED features. This means that the door is constructed with a combination of mirror or glass and wood, thus maximizing the green benefits. The quality of this mirrored door is evident on its premium solid hardwood frame and accurate tenon joinery. You also can choose removeable trim models which would allow you to switch between mirror inserts or glass. As an added offer, Kestrel doors can be customized to match any modern home interior. Style options include wooden, louvered, bypass and French.

Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors by Ramtrack:

This Ramtrack mirrored door has seamless edges to make your closet look like a wall with mirror. The effect can make your room look elegant and larger. The frame of this door is designed in such a way that the mirror is protected against breaking or cracking. You have 19 choices of frame finishes, including chrome, brass, white, ivory and gold. The door also features an anti-jump mechanism.

Mirrored Closet Door by Sliding Door Co.:

This door can be customized or you can choose from a wide selection or products from Sliding Door. Design options include a door with full-length mirrors from ceiling to floor or made with several panels that are framed with steel or wood with various finishes.

Redecorating With Today’s Designer Bedroom Sliding Doors

The latest designer bedroom sliding doors for closets have looks which are modern, sleek, and functional. There are many which are green and environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking for plain closet doors or trendy doors, you are bound to find something to suit your taste amongst the new designer lines of these doors. Many of these doors are also very affordable and easy to install. All you need is a little creative vision and some basic hardware and you are ready to do your own sliding door replacement with these doors.

Many of the newer designer products available on the market today and are made from wood that will compliment almost any room d├ęcor. They are made from wooden materials such as oak and even bamboo. The bamboo options are much greener option to those which are made of timber. Bamboo sliding doors are just as durable, and are sometimes stronger than their wooden counterparts. The bamboo door designs are often offered in lines which also feature room dividers, and an external wardrobe. These additional other bamboos furniture options can be added to your room and further compliment the new look you are giving to your closets.

Wood and Bamboo Doors

There are also options for sliding closet doors which are made from other sustainable woods and recycled wood products. These green options are made in designs which range from contemporary bifold designs, to other designs which are both modern and sleek. Many of these green door options use other environmentally friendly products to enhance their look. You can find sliding doors which have been painted with earth friendly, non-toxic paints. These options make it possible to redecorate your bedroom without having to do damage to the environment. It is no wonder that these designers’ eco-friendly options have become so popular amongst today’s consumers.

Mirrored Doors

Bedroom sliding doors can also be found in designs which are made of mirrors. While mirrored doors have been around for some time, the more modern versions look incredibly impressive. The reason that they are still being made is that they offer so many positive features the rooms that they are placed. To begin with, they enable a person to use wall space for something other than a full length mirror. Plus, the mirrors on these doors are much larger than the mirrors typically available to hang on a bedroom wall. Another feature they offer is that they make a room appear much larger and add more space. All of these reasons are why they are another great new designer option.

How To Install Wardrobe Sliding Doors In 6 Easy Steps

Setting up wardrobe sliding doors not only makes accessing your clothing far easier, this can also provide your bedroom with an immediate facelift. From single to double, pine to glass, the sliding or bypass doorway, tends to be your very best choice with regard to making the most of available square footage inside of the closet and in the rest of the room. Setting up the tracks and the doorways isn’t as hard as you might think, either.

Setting Up Your New Interior Sliding Closet Doors

Step One: Get The Dimensions — You will have to calculate the space in which the bifold closet doors will sit. Since every home is different, it’s wise to measure the top and bottom of the closet opening and take these with you to the store.

Step Two: Select And Prep — You will find various kinds of materials to pick from at your residential hardware or home improvement store, and even online. There are decorative mirrors, metals, woods, composites and more, in fact. Once you’ve chosen, you may need to paint or stain them, as needed.

Step Three: Remove Old Doors And Tracks. While it’s obvious that you need to get rid of the doors you’re replacing, not everyone realizes that with new sliding doors come new tracks. Uninstall the old ones and prepare the area for the new set.

Step Four: New Track Setup. You’ll need a drill and the instructions to get this done. Follow the instructions to the letter, since each track is slightly different from the next. You might also need to use a level to ensure that the they are on an even plane. This will help to keep them from popping open when not in use.

Step Five: Installing Mounts And Rollers – If you’re just replacing old sliding closet doors for new ones, installing the new track where the old one used to be is relatively easy. Just use them as a guide for mounting new brackets and rollers. Installing a track from scratch is a bit more difficult. Either way, make sure to screw them in tightly, but not too tightly so they don’t damage the track with tension. That can hinder the doorway’s motion.

Step Six: Hang Them – You’re almost done. All you have to do now is suspend your wardrobe sliding doors on the tracks. You may need to get a friend to help you. Once this is done, your closet is ready to be stocked with clothes, collectibles or whatever else you can dream up to store inside of it.